Green Field Ag is Northwest Ohio’s newest Precision Planting dealer.

Whether you are trying to rebuild an entire planter as a Precision Planter, or just looking for finger meters for improved singulation of your crop we have you covered.  We now have a Precision meter test stand too, this way we can help you make an informed decision on how you want to go about your planter.  The variety of products Precision Planting offers are great improvements to any planter, which allows us to help you minimize your inputs and maximize your profit on every acre, because when you’re satisfied with your technology, only then are we satisfied.

20 | 20

monitors, controls, and diagnoses your field conditions and equipment performance in real-time 


You can easily view maps, input summaries, and agronomic data from a Gen 3 20|20. See all your 20|20 data on your phone, computer, or platform of your choice 

CornerStone Planting SystemFully custom, factory-built planting system with integrated Precision Planting hardware

SmartDepth quickly and easily make depth adjustments, from inside the cab, as conditions change

CleanSweep make row cleaner adjustments from the cab

Reveal – frame-mounted, with its own internal gauge wheel and treader wheels. Reveal precisely controls the depth of the cleaning tines to create a consistently clean and ideal seeding environment for even emergence to occur

vDrive electric drive system


AirForce control system that measures variability in the field and automatically adjusts your downforce needs to changing field environments

DeltaForce automated row by row downforce control system that measures and adjusts downforce every time there is variability in your field, so your crops will thrive for optimal yields

Furrow Force two-stage closing system that adapts to your planting conditions to remove air pockets and firm soil to keep moisture, giving you confidence that your crops will germinate the best that they can

SeederForce automated downforce control system that measures and adjusts downforce every time you encounter variability in the field


FurrowJet firms the seed in the trench while placing bands of fertilizer on and near the seed

Conceal planter fertility attachment that is cleanly tucked into the row unit and places nutrition in the soil 3 inches away from the seed

Keeton Seed Firmers press each seed to the bottom of the furrow to improve seed-to-soil contact

SmartFirmer seed firmer-sensor that measures the amount of moisture available to the seed, organic matter, and temperature, so you can adjust your depth correctly

BullsEye tungsten carbide tips that make the seed tube last longer and a recessed sensor eye to prevent inconsistent seed spacing

SpeedTube seed delivery system that allows you to double your planting speed without sacrificing performance

WaveVision seed delivery system that allows you to double your planting speed without sacrificing performance

eSetretrofit system that goes inside of a John Deere vacuum meter and uses a flat disk without cells, paired with a floating singulator that doesn’t need adjustments


mSetmulti-hybrid planting system that allows you to plant two hybrids using a divided hopper with one vSet meter. mSet also works with SpeedTube for high-speed multi-hybrid planting


Precision Meter uses an adjustable brush with your finger meter to better singulate a range of seed sizes and shapes.

RowFlowtake command of swath control, prevent overlap, save seed, and plant variable rates

EMHD take command of swath control, prevent overlap, save seed, and plant variable rates 

FlowSense allows you to measure the rate of fertilizer you are applying on each row of your planter or sidedress bar 

PumpStack designed to work with Precision Planting’s Fertility System or other rate controllers so that you can easily design a liquid fertility system 

RateController you can easily adjust applied rates and compensate for speed changes on the go 

vApplyHD allows you to get the correct rate of liquid fertilizer to every plant in your field, ensuring your plants never starve, so that your fertilizer ROI is maximized. 

Clarity high-definition visibility into air seeders, box drills, dry fertilizer applicators and strip-till bars in real-time 


ReClaim Primes your booms before a nozzle ever opens. That means your first droplets are effective, and you can get back time, save product, and be a good steward of the environment with your own sprayer.

SymphonyNozzle Gain independent control of rate and pressure to achieve consistent droplet size on your sprayer

YieldSense A yield monitoring system that provides easy calibration and spatial accuracy throughout harvest so that you can trust your data to make accurate decisions.

DuraWear – Parallel Arms An outer bushing protects the parallel arm while allowing the inner bushing to rotate freely. This extends the life of your parallel arms

DuraWaer – Gauge Wheel Arms 

A polymer bushing pivot keeps gauge wheels tight against the opener, and a serviceable wear clip limits damage from the mustache.