With a remarkable 37-year legacy since its establishment in 1986, Johnson Plows stands as a distinguished drainage plow company.  The versatility of Johnson Plows is evident in their ability to easily navigate curves and corners, making them a reliable choice for various terrains. Adding to their practicality, these plows can be effortlessly pulled by multiple tractors, showcasing the company’s commitment to adaptability and agricultural innovation.

Since the mid-2000s, Bradley has navigated the fields with a Johnson plow, showcasing his hands-on expertise. Join him on a journey where tradition meets innovation, rooted in the fertile soils of Southern Iowa, crafting a narrative that is uniquely Bradley Ver Steegh’s own.

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Tile Plows:

5′ Pull Type Plow

This smaller plow works well for running smaller 3-4” tile lines between existing lines in the field.

– can pull up to 8″ tile

– made with a 3″x14″ Solid Grade 50 Steel Shank

27 degree slope

– approx. weight 7,500 lbs.


6′ Pull Type Plow

– Maximum Cut: 6ft 2in Pulls up to 12”tile

– Approx. shipping weight 9600 lbs.

– Takes about 5 minutes to change tile boot and lift plate

– Shank– 4”x14” Solid Hi Tensile Plate



7 1/2′ Pull Type Plow

– Maximum Cut: 7ft 6in Pulls up to 12”tile

– Shank – 4” x 16” solid hi tensile plate

– Approx. weight of plow is 12,100 lbs.


Tile Carts:

Pull Type Tile Cart

– Walking tandem axle

– 11’ table with 24 spokes


3 Point Tile Cart

– 3- Point Hitches : Category 2, 3 narrow,3 wide

– 11’ table with 24 spokes

– Main tile cart has 8” 7 gauge tower


3 Point Mounted Plow

– Maximum Cut 5’ 3″

– Pull up to 8” Tile

– Made with 3″x14″ Solid Grade 50 Steel Shank


Ditch Closer

– A tractor of at least 65 H.P. is needed to pull this machine

– Category 2 and/or 3 hitch 

– Full Out: Front 8’   Full In: Back 2′


6' Frame Mounted Plow

Designed to be used with large 4-wheel or large track machines

– Maximum Cut: 7ft

– Pulls up to 12”tile

– takes about 10 minutes to connect or disconnect the plow


7 1/2' Frame Mounted Plow

– Maximum Cut: 7’ 8”

– Pulls up to 12”tile

– Mount or Dismount the plow in 10-15 minutes

– Approx. weight 12,000 pounds