Orthman is a true American institution. Founded in Nebraska by one man with a vision to make farming better for producers, Orthman is built on hard work, innovative design, meticulous attention to detail and a passion to lead the world in modern production agriculture.

Since the 1960s, Orthman has brought innovation after innovation to farming. Seeing the trend toward larger and larger equipment, Orthman perfected and patented an internal folding toolbar in the 1970s, then used its expertise in toolbar design to invent the stack-fold toolbar in the 1990s that allowed planter boxes to remain upright during transport.

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integrated ISOBUS platform to apply Dry and Liquid products with a single controller. The TRUaPLYr has improved accuracy due to a 4-section, all electric drive metering system. Innovative Software features include; individual meter calibration and active section performance


1tRIPr Row Unit

 individual components work in unison to perform ideal seedbed preparation, precision nutrient placement and optimal root zone conditioning in a single pass


1tRIPr II Row Unit

individual components work in unison to perform ideal seedbed preparation, precision nutrient placement and optimal root zone conditioning in a single pass


Parallel Linkage BedLister

Rotary moldboards mounted on high-strength steel shanks offer a smooth and consistent pull to create perfectly shaped beds.


BedLister Roller

 Equipped with fully adjustable furrowers and heavy-duty rear rollers


Stalk Puller

 ideal tool to root out last year’s crop residue and provide a residue-free seedbed for planting. This rugged tool uses low tractor horsepower, at high speeds of 10 mph and above, to make short work of large fields


Fallow Master

high-efficiency tillage in a wide range of soil conditions by cutting through weeds and cover crops while leaving the majority of residue exposed for maximum water storage efficiency 


Blade Plow

conservation tillage machine features large overlapping hard-faced sweeps, high-strength steel standards and durable cutting coulters to reduce residue hairpinning


Stubble Treader

rugged, large diameter, 7-tooth, hard-surfaced treaders rip out weeds, and aerate soil, while our exclusive angle and pressure adjustment allows you to quickly set them to match your field conditions


8315 Cultivator

The wraparound parallel linkage and close-coupled row unit design make the Orthman 8315 Cultivator maneuverable in the field and on the road. When equipped with the optional western sweep and adjustable ridging wings, the 8315 is the ideal tool for ridging.

8315 Cultivator

8375 Cultivator

designed to utilize Orthman’s wide selection of cultivation tools and attachments to ensure a custom field pass for even the toughest of field conditions.

8375 Cultivator

8450 Cultivator

two shanks per row unit, it offers virtually endless cultivation and fertilization options

8450 Cultivator

Track TILLr

for repairing the tracks and ruts caused by center pivots