Tile Cart

Pull Type Tile Cart

Johnson Drainage continues to make improvements on every piece of equipment they sell. One improvement they made was with their pull type tile cart. Johnson Drainage increased the table from 10ft. to 11ft. This expansion makes it easier to handle maxi coils of tile.  The flat side of the tile cart makes it more rugged and doesn't make a difference when going down the road or unrolling the tile. 

The 3-Point Tile Cart 

Plow Characteristics:

  • 3-pint hitches: category 2, 3 narrow, and 3 wide
  • Main Frame Construction: 4' x 6' x 1/4  steel tubing 
  • 4 1/2" spindle with 10 bolt 20,000 pound hub to support the spindle
  • 11' table with 24 spokes
  • Main tile cart has 8" 7 gauge tower
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Optional: 10" 11 gauge tube with locking top to use for multiple size tile