Precision Planting

Green Field Ag is Northwest Ohio’s newest Precision Planting dealer.
Whether you are trying to rebuild an entire planter as a Precision Planter, or just looking for finger meters for improved singulation of your crop we have you covered.  We now have a Precision meter test stand too, this way we can help you make an informed decision on how you want to go about your planter.  The variety of products Precision Planting offers are great improvements to any planter, which allows us to help you minimize your inputs and maximize your profit on every acre, because when you’re satisfied with your technology, only then are we satisfied.

PTI Farm Results

The results from the 2021 PTI Farm are now available. Click on this LINK to download the results.

Test Stand

Our Precision Planting Test Stand will allow us to test any meter you might like to test. Whether finger meters or vac meters we can test them: Deere, Kinze, Case, or White. Through this we can see what exactly might be causing a potential skip or double in your row. Sometimes with finger meters you may need an entire meter rebuilt, other times you might just need a brush or fingers. Vac meters can be a little more complicated, but it’s simple to make them even more accurate.