Orthman is a true American institution. Founded in Nebraska by one man with a vision to make farming better for producers, Orthman is built on hard work, innovative design, meticulous attention to detail and a passion to lead the world in modern production agriculture.

Since the 1960s, Orthman has brought innovation after innovation to farming. Seeing the trend toward larger and larger equipment, Orthman perfected and patented an internal folding toolbar in the 1970s, then used its expertise in toolbar design to invent the stack-fold toolbar in the 1990s that allowed planter boxes to remain upright during transport. Orthman’s reinvention of the disc stabilizer in 1978 ultimately led to the development of the GPS Tracker® IV, the industry's only ground-engaging implement-steering system.

Orthman’s pioneering work in row crop cultivators opened the way to the company’s biggest triumph to date: the remarkable 1tRIPr strip-tillage system in 2001. A near instant success because it allowed producers to perform Ideal Seedbed Preparation, Precision Nutrient Placement and Optimal Root Zone Conditioning in a single pass, the Orthman 1tRIPr today is sold in 14 countries worldwide and is regarded as the world leader in precision strip-till agriculture machinery.

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