Johnson Tile Plow

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Pull Type Plow

5′ Pull Type Plow

The 5' pull type plow that Johnson Drainage offers can pull up to 8" tile with a maximum cut of 5' 3".

5' Pull Type Plow Characteristics:
Under frame clearance of 6' 4"
Approx. weight 7,500 lbs.
Tire size 425-22.5
Same 27 degree slope as all other Johnson Drainage Plows

6′ Pull Type Plow

This 6' pull type plow can pull up to 12" tile and the maximum cut is 6' 2". The plow does come with a 3-4" boot and there are 6", 8", 10", and 12" boots available. The approximate shipping weight is 9,600 pounds. On Johnson's 6' you get 13" more under frame clearance than the Soil-Max 6'. If you decide you want to switch tile boot and lift plate it will take you about 5 minutes.

7 1/2′ Pull Type Tile Plow

Johnson Drainage 7 1/2' plow is able to pull up to 12" tile and do a maximum cut of 7 ft. 6". The approximate weight of the plow is 12,100 pounds. The front of this plow has a 27" slope and has 25% less tongue weight.

3 Point Mounted Plows

Along with the pull type plows Johnson Drainage offers state of the art 3 point plows. This plow has a maximum cut of 5' 3" and can pull up to 8" tile. This new plow design was made because of customer demand. With this 3 point design it allows for great efficiency while tiling allowing the plow to back into the tile ditch much easier and can be pulled by a small machine unlike the pull type plows and frame mounted plows.

Frame Mounted Plows

6′ Frame Mounted Plow

This 6' frame mounted plow has a maximum cut of 7 feet and can pull up to 12" tile. This plow was designed to be pulled by the larger implements. In order to pull this plow you will need a 4-wheel drive or a large track machine. If you want to learn more about the 6' frame mounted plow contact one of our sales associates today!

7 1/2′ Frame Mounted Plow

Johnson Drainage offers a 7 1/2' frame mounted plow that has a maximum cut of 7' 8" and can pull up to 12" tile. This plow offers dual swing cylinders, grade control cylinder, and much more. To get more info about this plow contact a Green Field Ag. associate today!