We have been waiting months to release this and now it is official. We are now introducing a newly formed company named Green Field Ag! GFA has acquired the exclusive rights to sell and service precision ag equipment from Widmer & Associates. Rest assured, although under new ownership and name, we have retained the same great team of precision ag employees to help serve you. Our name on our door may have changed but our dedication to your farm will be the same.  In addition to the precision ag equipment lineup, we also have acquired the rights to sell and service our precision tillage equipment from Widmer & Associates, which includes products from Orthman Manufacturing, Valmar Airflo Inc., and Camoplast Solidea.

Valmar Airflo Inc designs and manufactures granular applicators for fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide, seed, seed inoculant and forage preservatives.  Camoplast Solideal is the world leading specialist in design, manufacturing, and distribution of off-road tires, wheels, rubber tracks, undercarriage systems..

We are excited to continue our relationship with you our valued customers. We will continue to operate from the same facility and look forward to having a symbiotic relationship with our sister company Widmer & Associates. W&A will continue to provide agronomic fertility products and services. Thank you for a successful year and your patronage.

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